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“Our knowledgeable and experienced team offer a full range of plumbing and heating services across the lower mainland. Give us a call today to get a free estimate and see what we can do for you.”

Heating Installation

Have you noticed that your old heating system is just not working as well as it used to be, and that your home is less efficient than it once was? If you and your family aren’t comfortable – and if the heating bill has been skyrocketing – when the cold weather hits, you might want to consider a new heating system installation from Flow Safe Plumbing & Heating. With more than a decade in the heating business, we know how to help our customers stay comfortable, no matter how cold it is outside.

Our Heating Services

Furnace Installation

There is nothing worse than having a furnace that conks out in the colder months. The older your heating system gets, the more difficulty it has to heat your home properly, which is why homeowners love our service, as it’s quick, reliable, and done right the first time!

Boiler Installation

This may sound crazy, but we see a lot of improper boiler installs, which can cause thousands of dollars to fix. Installing a boiler properly requires a high-level of expertise due to its complex delivery system. Count on our team for a reliable install every single time.

Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump can save you big bucks on your natural gas bill as it can transfer 300% more energy than it consumes, making it a great “heat by electricity” option. Not only will we install your heat pump, but we’ll be there every step of the way to maintain it!

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